About Us

Weldon Cleaners is owned and operated by Robert, Tevin and Amy Jacutin. Robert is President and Owner, while Tevin is Manager of Laundry services and Amy is serving as our VP and accountant. 

Robert had worked in telecommunications and management for nearly 20 years before taking over Weldon Cleaners. Tevin is a graduate of Blue Valley West high School and an aspiring entrepreneur. Amy has 25 years in accounting and management. 

Weldon Cleaners is one of the select group nationally to use a revolutionary cleaning process – GreenEarth cleaning. All of our cleaning is done on site. All of your items are carefully inspected and they go through the GreenEarth treatment. As far as staying green, keep in mind that we will take back any hangers, bags, and/or paper and recycle it no matter what cleaners you bring it from.

We are a family owned business built on customer service and satisfaction. We have many enduring relationships that have helped our business grow over the years through client referrals. We provide our clients with a superior cleaning service with competitive prices.

Weldon Cleaners is a member of DLI (Dry cleaning & Laundry Institute) which keeps us current with new fabrics, industry issues and consumer tips to prolong the life of your garments

We do not charge extra for being environmentally friendly dry cleaners.  There are cheaper cleaners, but the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.  We provide a superior cleaning service with competitive prices.
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